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  1. Our pirateboy is busy !!:76:

  2. How to Hack WPA/WPA2 Wi Fi with Kali Linux

    How to Hack WPA/WPA2 Wi Fi with Kali Linux
  3. An Article about steganography

    An Article about steganography
  4. create-undetectable-trojan-using-domain-name
  5. hI Friends

    welcome to Mr.pirate forum and enjoy your stay.
  6. Hi!!im AGSKY

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay
  7. unpacking the UPะฅ + unpacking the modified UPX Download:[Hide]http://www.mediafire.com/file/6c6r4os4ajpq2uk/The+three+most+common+methods+for+unpacking+the+UPะฅ+%2B+unpacking+the+modified+UPX.zip[/Hide]
  8. AIO Plugins Pack for OllyDBG v1.10

    AIO Plugins Pack for OllyDBG v1.10 AIO Plugins Pack for OllyDBG v1.10 +BP-Olly V2.0 Beta 4 aadp4olly v0.1.1 Address to File Offset v1.0 AdvancedOlly v1.25 AdvancedOlly v1.26 beta 10 AdvancedOlly v1.26 beta 12 AdvancedOlly v1.26 beta 8 AJunk v1.0 Analyze This v0.1 AnalyzeThis+ v0.24 Anti DRX v1.0 Anti-Anti Hardware Breakpoint v0.1 Anti-Anti v0.11 AntiDetectOlly v2.2.4 API Break v0.2 API Finder v0.3 API Helper v1.0.0.1 ApiBreak Nonameo Apihlp aRC-Olly Admin v1.01 Ariadne Optimizer v0.1 ArmaDetach v1.01 AsciiTable v1.1 Asm2clipboard v0.4 ASProtect v1.20 Asprotect_1.2x Attach Anyway v0.1 AttachAnyway v0.3 AttachExtended v0.1 AttachHelper v0.1 AttachTo v0.1 AutoPath v0.1 Base64 v1.00 BlkLabel v1.0 Bookmark v1.06 Break On Execution v1.1b Break On Load v0.1 Calculator v0.1 Catcha! v1.0 CheatUtility 1.0 CheatUtility v1.0 CLBPlus! v1.0 CleanUpex v1.12 ClearUDD v1.0 CmdBar v3.20.110 Cmdline modified Code (Delphi) Helper v0.5 Code Ripper v1.3 CodeDoctor v0.90 Command Bar v1.08.02 Conditional Branch Logger v1.0 CopyHexCode v0.20 CPU Initialization Patch v1.0.0.1 Crypto Scanner 0.5b DataChage (2011-03-01) DataRipper 1.3 DataRipper v1.2 Debug Help v0.1 Debug Privilege v1.0 DebugActiveProcessStop v0.1 DebugAsUser v0.2b DebugPlugin v1.0 Dejunk v0.12 DeJunk v0.13 Delphi Library Call Importer v1.0 DetachMe v2.0 Dirty Banditos v0.1 DLLBreakEx v1.2 E Junk Code v1.0 EasyController v.1.0.3 EasyController v1.0.2.b EasyController v1.0.2b excounter v0.1b ExtraCopy v0.9 ExtraCopy v0.90 ExtraCopy v1.0 FindAddress v1.0.0.3 FindCrypt v0.1 Force Allocate v0.1 FullDisasm_OllyDbg v2.3 FullDisasm_OllyDbg v3.0.1.172 Game Invader Games Invader v2.1 GoDup v1.2 HanOlly Plugin v0.1 Hash Sniffer v2.0 HiddenThreads v0.1 Hide Debugger v1.2.4 HideCapt v1.00 HideDebugger v1.01 HideDebugger v1.23 HideDebugger v1.24 hideod 0.17 HideOD v0.181 HitTrace v0.1 HOlly v0.2 HOlly v0.4 Build 90 HookSysCalls v0.1 Hyde OD2.xx & CleanupEx 2.0.0d HzorInline Helper Plugin v1.0 ICanAttach v0.2 IDA Sigs v1.0 Beta3 IDAFicator v. IDAFicator v1.2.12 IDAFicator v2.0.11.45 ILLY v0.1 Beta 3 ILLY v0.1 Beta 5 ImmLabel v1.1 ImmLabel v1.3 ImmSoftice v0.1 info.txt InjectHookLib v0.1 IsDebugExtraHide v1.4 IsDebuggerPresent v1.4 j10n (Font Changer) v1.40.106 Kernel Disassembler v1.0 LabelArgs v0.1 Labeler v1.32 Labeler v1.33 Labelmaster Launcer v0.1 LCB Plugin v0.10 Load Map v0.1 LoadDLL 1.1 Loadsome2 MagicHideOllyDbg v 1.01 MagicHideOllyDbg v1.01 MapConv v1.4 Mapimp v0.8 MarkAllAsSystem v0.1 MD5 Sniffer v1.0 Beta Memory Backup v0.1 Memory Watch v1.0 MemoryDump v0.9 MemoryFollow v1.0 MemoryManage MnemonicHelp v1.1 Modified CmdLine v2442007 ModuleBCL v1.0 ModuleBpx v0.1 Multiline Ultimate Assembler v2.0 final Multiline Ultimate Assembler v2.1 MUltimate Assembler v1.2 MUltimate Assembler v1.7 NameChanger v1.1 Nonawrite v1.1 NonaWrite v1.2 noSound v0.01 NotePad Topmost 1.1 NTGlobalFlag v1.1 NtGlobalFlagPlugin v1.0 ODBGPluginConv v0.1b ODbgScript 1.47.vc6 ODbgScript 1.48 ODbgScript 1.50.3.VC6 ODbgScript 1.51 ODbgScript 1.52 ENG ODbgScript 1.53 odbgscript 1.53 eng ODbgScript 1.54.3.VC6 ODbgScript 1.60.3.VC6 ODbgScript 1.64.3.VC6 ODbgScript 1.65.1 ODbgScript 1.78.3 ODbgScript v1.48 ODbgScript v1.48.VC6 odbgscript v1.52 eng ODBGScript v1.53 (hnhuqiong) ODbgScript v1.77.3 ODBGScript v1.82.6 ODbgScript1.6.3 ODBJScript v1.1.956 ODDragAttach v1.1 oDump v0.1 OllyDumpEx Olly Advanced v1.27 Olly BP Mannager Olly Detach v0.1 Olly Detach v0.2 Olly Fader v0.1 Olly Heap Vis Olly Helper v1.3 Olly Hittrace Olly Invisible v0.9.0.6 Olly Invisible v0.9.11 Olly Machine v0.2 Olly Module bpx Olly Sync v0.2 Olly Toolbar Manager Gold OllyBkmrX v1.9 OllyBone v0.1 OllyBugFix v0.1 OllyCallTrace v1.0 OllyCopy v0.3 OllyDbg De-Attach Helper v0.1 OllyDbg PE Dumper v3.01 OllyDbg PE Dumper v3.03 OllyDemangler v0.1 OllyDump v2.21b OllyDump v3.00.110 OllyEmbellisher v0.1 OllyEye v0.1 OllyFlow v0.71 + OllyGraph v0.1 OllyGetObj v0.1 ollyghost++ OllyGuard v0.1 OllyGuard v0.1.2 OllyMemScan v0.01 OllyMoreMenu v1.3b OllyMSDN OllyPad v1.1 OllyPerl v0.1 OllyPython v0.01 (Vesa) OllyPython v0.12 (Wushi) OllySafe v0.1 OllyScript 1.48 CH OllyScript V 0.92 OllyScript v0.92 OllyScript v0.93_x86_build OllySkin v0.1 OllySnake v0.1 OllySocketTrace v1.0 OllySSEH - SafeSEH Module Scanner v0.1 OllyStepNSearch v0.6.1 OllyStepNSearch v0.6.2 OllyStructs v1.0 OllySymbolServer v0.0 OllyTiper v1.2 OllyTiper v2.0 OllyTiper.2.0 OllyUni v0.07 OllyVB v0.1 OllyVBHelper v0.1 OllyWow64 v0.1 OllyWow64 v0.2 Oreans UnVirtualizer 1.3 Oreans UnVirtualizer v1.6 Oreans.UnVirtualizer.v1.5 PE Dumper 3.03 PhantOm Plugin v1.20 PhantOm Plugin v1.54 Plugin Loader v0.1 Plugins Manager v1.2 Point Events in Delphi Executables v1.0 Poison v0.1 Polymorphic Breakpoint v0.1 Punto H v0.1 PuntosMagicos v0.1 PushTracer v0.1 Python Plugin v0.3 RemoveCriticality v0.2 Robin v0.01 Scripad v1.0 SehSpy 0.1 SerialCounter v1.00 SigMaker v0.4 SkyPatch v1.0 Sleepp v0.5 StayOnTop v1.0 Stealth64 v1.2 (Beta) StealthStep v1.0.0 StollyStructs v1.0 StrCopy v0.1 StrongOD v0.2.9.561 StrongOD v0.3.2 StrongOD v0.4.5.810 StrongOD v0.4.8.892 StrongOD_v0.4.8.872 Suspicious Breakpoint Fix v1.0 Table Exporter v1.0 TLSCatch v0.3 TracKid v1.20 TransOlly v1.0a Turbo Debug v1.0 Ultra String Reference v0.12 UnHandled Exception Filter v0.22p Universal Hooker v1.2 Universal Hooker v1.3 VEHWalk v0.3 VicPlug-In v1.0 Virtual2Physical v0.1 VMSweeper v1.5 Beta 2 Watchman v1.00 Weasle v0.6 Window Infos v0.1 Window Juggler v0.06 Window Maximizer v1.00 x3 v0.1 X_CRYPTO 1.2 AIO Plugins Pack for OllyDBG v2.0 AAHWBP v1.0 Advanced Labels v1.3.0.9 AnalyzeThis v1.00 Asm2Clipboard v1.00 Bookmark v2.00.00 Call Stack v1.0 CleanupEx v2.0.0b CleanupEx v2.0.0b1 ClearOD v1.0.0.2 Command Bar v3.20.110 HideOd v1.00b Hyde v1.01 LCB v1.00b Multiline Ultimate Assembler v2.1 ODbgScript v2.0.1.201 for OllyDBG 2.Epsilon3 ODbgScript.v2.0.1.201.for.OllyDBG.2.Epsilon3 OllyCallstack v0.1a OllyDetach v2.0.0 OllyDump v2.01 OllyDump v2.1.0.2 OllyDumpEx v0.90 OllyDumpEx v0.92 OllyExt v1.0 OllyID v0.2.0 OllyMoreMenu v1.5+ OllyMSDN v1.0.1 OllyPEiD v0.0.2 OllySEH v1.1a Olly_LKD v0.4 SystemTray v0.1 VicPlugIn2.for.OD2xx WinMax v2.00 WinMax v2.01 ImmDbg_Plugin_Fixer Immunity Manuals & Development Kits. ODBGPluginConv v0.1b OllyDbg Detection & Hide Tools OllyDbg Extra Tools & Utilities OllyDbg Manuals & Development Kits OllyScript - Editors Olly Script Editor 1.03 Olly Script Editor 2.00 OllyScriptEditor v0.35 OllySubScript v1.0 beta 3 OllySubScript v1.4.1 OllyDbg v1.10 all patches Anti EXECryptor Anti Detetion of OllyDbg Class Names Anti DetectOlly Anti DetectOlly.sr Anti DetectOllyPatch-2 Anti DetectOlly_v2.2.4 anti dtolly2.2.3 NewBdbg v1.11.Patcher ollydbg 1.xxpatch OLLYDBG ClassName Patch Ollydg FLDpatch [AoRE] re-pair SnD - invisible ollydbg and known plugins v1.0 Immunity Python Scripts !bpxep PyCommand v1.01 !getrpc PyCommand v0.1 !hidedebug PyCommand v1.0 !itunes7_antiantidebug PyCommand v0.1 !itunes7_universal_antiantidebug PyCommand v0.1 !loadmap PyCommand 1.3 !packets PyCommand v0.1 !patch IsDebuggerPresent v0.1 !scanpe PyCommand v1.0 !search PyCommand v0.1 !sqlhooker PyCommand v0.1 !tickcount PyCommand v0.1 !unmidl PyCommand v0.1 ASProtect 2.xx Deobfuscation Script ASProtect 2.xx Deobfuscation Script v1.1 BlackManta v1.0 ImmunityDBG Plugins Analyze This v0.1 Asm2clipboard v0.1 Cleanup Ex v1.12.108 Command Bar v3.10.109c Crypto Scanner 0.5b (Immunity) FullDisasm v1.71 FullDisasm_ImmDbg v2.3 Hide Debugger v1.2.4 HideOD v0.17 immSignSrch v0.5 IsDebugPresent v1.4 MapConv v1.40 ODBGScript v1.65 ODBGScript v1.65.4 OllyDbg PE Dumper v3.03 OllyDump v3.00.110 OllyMoreMenu v1.3c PhantOm Plugin v1.20 PhantOm Plugin v1.54 TLS Stopper v0.21 Ultra String Reference v0.12 VEHWalk v0.2 Windows Maximizer v1.0 OllyScripts pack (1.813 Scripts for OllyDBG) !EPack 12311134 32Lite Acprotect ActiveMark AHpack AHTeam EP Protector AIO_Scripts900 by LCF-AT Alawar Games Alex Protector ANDpakk Armadillo AsCrypt ASDPack Aspack Asprotect At4re Asm Protecter AverCryptor Backdoor PE Compress Protector BamBam Bastards Tools Beria C.I. Crypt CDS SS Code Cave Finder Code Redirect Remover COOLcryptor Crunch CRYPT CrypToCrack Pe Protector CSDSJKK Protector D1S1G++ DalKrypt DBPE DetachFarther DexCrypt DotFix NiceProtect DragonArmor Duals eXe DXPack EmbedPE Encrypt PE EncryptPE Enigma Escargot eXcalibur EXE Evil Exe32Pack EXECrypt ExeCryptor ExeFog ExeSax ExeShield ExeStealth ExeStealth Protector & Packer eXPressor Ezip FatMike fEaRz Crypter FishPE Flexlm French Layor FSG G!X Protector GameHouse GHF Protector Hide & Protect Hmimys Packer Hying ID Application Protector JDPack - JDProtect JExeCompressor KaOs PE-DLL eXecutable Undetecter KByS Packer Krypton LAMECRYPT LARP MEW mfPacker Mimoza MKFPack MoleBox Morphine Morphnah mPack MPress Mr Undectetable MSLRH NakedPacker NeoLite NOmeR1 nPack nProtect GameGuard NsPack NTkrnl Packer Obsidium Orien OTHER SCRIPTS Packman PC PeSHRINKER PC-Guard PE Diminisher PE Lock NT PE-Armor Pe123 PEBundle PeCancer PeCompact PEncrypt PePack Pepsi PeShield PeSpin Pestil Pet i t e PeX PKLite32 Pohernah Poly!Crypt PolyCrypt PolyEnE Private EXE Protector Private Personal Packer Protection Plus QrYPt0r QuickPack README.txt RLPack SafeCast SafeDics SDProtector Pro SecuROM Shegerd EXE Protector Simple pack SimplePack SLVc Protector SoftSentry Software Compress Softwrap SPLayer SVKP tElock The Best Cryptor Themida Thinstall Thunderbolt Undetector UnDo Crypter Unopix Scrambler UProtector Upx UPX Lock UPX Mutanter UPX Protector Upx s h i t UPX Scrambler USSR VBox VGCrypt PE Encryptor Virogen Crypt VirProtector visual protect VPacker Wind of Crypt WinKripT WinLicence winunpack WinUpack WWPack32 XComp-XPack Yodas Crypter Yodas Protector YZPack [Hide]http://ul.to/gf4144wj[/Hide] Password: [Hide]Team-RePT[/Hide]
  9. Hetman Partition Recovery serial fishing

    Hetman Partition Recovery serial fishing Download:[Hide]https://www.mediafire.com/file/ky7p63i8x2x56bg/[/Hide] Thnks to abdo
  10. Crypto Libs

    Crypto Libs Download link:[Hide]https://mega.nz/#!rxA3DASJ!131702jQaN1hMhmyFVJ89-JsjwtEZACoB7QyhXCwAqA[/Hide]
  11. What is life?

    What is life? What is life?how its belong for you?how you enjoy your life? Tell me..yeah i will also tell you guys
  12. How to ROOT android?[Tutorial]

    How to ROOT android?[Tutorial]
  13. How to ROOT android?[Tutorial]

    How to ROOT android?[Tutorial]
  14. Aurora 3D maker kgn code by AD

    Aurora 3D maker kgn code by AD